Online Selling Tips – Simple Things That Can Help You Big Time in Making Profits Online


The Ecommerce sector in India has seen a rapid growth. The growth has been driven by many factors like increasing use of devices such as smartphones, tablets, notepad and ofcourse the most important is the adoption of technology led by ease of access to internet through 3G, 4G, broadband, etc.

The success of your online business depends on your customer expectations. Understanding your customer need and preferences can either make or break your business.It also affects the repurchase decision and customer loyalty. Online customer expects the easiest experience possible, and if you aren’t providing that for them, probabilities are that they will switch to competitor for future purchases. Following are some Online selling tips you should keep in mind to boost your e-commerce business and keep your customers happy.

1. Build a quality Website:


To create a valuable source of information “Website” it is very essential that the goals, content, structure, design, programming, and maintenance is defined clearly. What one needs is expertise—constantly. Make sure that website is simple to understand and reflects the objective of the business.A high quality website needs lots of effort and commitment.Simple navigation and easy shopping experience makes the customer happy, also assures the re-visit or repetitive purchase. Make sure that website is fast because every second it takes time to load your webpage – you lose one impatient customer, therefore a good server is also a part of high quality website. Tip – use for building websites which look awesome , are feature rich and load super fast.

2. Think Cross device:


Today the customer is tech savvy; they use different smart devices like mobile, tablet, i-pad, notepad etc. so you should always aim at providing consistent shopping experience across all the different devices.  So don’t restrict only to desktop or laptop, think about cross device platforms. Tip – use the Google mobile speed optimization tool to test if your website is actually a cross device website.

3. Select the right Ecommerce software:


It is very important that you choose the right ecommerce software for your business; it can differ from business to business. Now a days launching and running the online is much easier but choosing the right ecommerce platform is tricky. Therefore pick one of the most standard e-Commerce platforms available today, and begin experimenting with it – until you find something that clicks and you right away.

Tip – use shopify which has been built keeping non-technical e-commerce owners in mind.

4. Provide fine quality product images and detailed description of each product:


Before reading your unique and appealing product descriptions, your customer is going to look at the images for your product. So, spend some serious time taking quality photos of your products before you list that product for sale. Make sure that you provide product details to tell the customer everything they need (or want) to know about this item. This is chance to close the deal! Tip – use free stock image sites to download the marketing related images you want for your ecommerce website.

5. Customer service:


The common factor of all the prosperous businesses is that they are committed to providing their customers with a great service i.e. it’s about putting the needs of the customer in everything your business does – from the products, to the website, to the delivery. Tip – use to help you with your web based customer service.

6. Focus on the delivery experience:

Online customer expects the hassle free and fast delivery for their products. The delivery strategy include many things like price you charge for delivery, service or benefits you offer, how will parcel look etc., It is worth investing in all these areas.

7. Think like paytm :

Repeat business always plays a crucial part in success of any online business. Give your customers a reason to return to your store by updating things regularly like adding new products, providing occasional sale, promotional sale etc. As a marketing tactics you can also offer an incentive to your clients to leave reviews of products on your website with a giveaway e.g. Win a Rs 500 voucher for the best review. Tip : Get inspiration from Paytm


These are few Online selling tips which can help your online business to grow. Every business demand different and effective online marketing strategy. One needs constant optimisation for better results. You need to work hard to build the trust of your customers. Trust needs to be built into every interaction the customer has with your business which covers customer testimonials and reviews on your site, deliver on your etc. Furthermore if you deliver a service that exceeds customer expectations, you can bet they will come back to buy again, and tell all their friends about the experience.


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