No one understands your business better than you!

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A young entrepreneur wanted to start a business with only 3 thousand rupees in his bank balance. Everyone in the society ridiculed him and gave him the suggestion to do a MBA and get a good job. But the young entrepreneur listened to none. He used his first 1000 rupees to buy some “dry fruits” from a trader friend at a cheaper rate and tried to sell it to his friends/relatives. Days passed but none of his friends/relatives bought it. Most of them said that by not buying his dry fruits, they are doing a favour to him so that he can stop this activities and do something more “productive”. After lot of thoughtful days, the young entrepreneur decided to use his next 1000 rupees. He went to his same trader friend and bought more dry fruits at a good whole sale rate. Now having double stock, he again went to his relatives/friends and again asked them if they want to buy it. They all were shocked to see that he has more stock with him than before. And they all enquired – “How come you have more dry fruits than before”. He replied with a smile to everyone – “ I am being more PRODUCTIVE”.

Everyone thought that his business is growing. And this is when the young entrepreneur got his FIRST sale!


No one understands your business better than you! Patience, perseverance and financial help is required to succeed in your venture.

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