Dear Business, now I understand you!


A grocery owner was successfully running his business from last 10 years. Once a teenager visited his store and searched for his favourite chocolates. He found them and went straight to the counter to purchase them. The grocery owner used his scanner to calculate the bill and told the kid – “230 Rupees”. Instead of giving the money, the young boy gave the owner a letter he had wrote.

The letter said: “Dear business, help me buy this chocolates through you.” Astonished to experience something like this, the owner looked deep into the eyes of the teenager. He could sense that the boy was genuine.

The owner took a pen and wrote on the letter -“Dear boy, sell one of this chocolates to any one and get the others free. Regards, Your Business”. After reading, the teenager took one of the chocolates and roughly after 3 hours he returned back to the store. He handed a new letter to the grocery owner with the chocolate he had taken.

The new letter read: “Dear business, now I understand you. Selling is not easy. You need patience, you need hard work and you need to convince. I am returning you your chocolate with a big heart but I am taking this business lessons with me”.

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