8 reasons to get SME loans from NeoGrowth than the banks

In this era, your business loan can be approved with a few swipes on your phone or by spending a moment online. So, why tussle through the hassle with the bakers? 

Our simple and efficient process can do the disbursal in a day or maximum in a week. So that the business owners don’t need to wait for 3 weeks to get a revert from the bank. We hope that you’ve already realised that the average time that a traditional bank takes to decide on a business loan, especially for a small business is 3 to 4 weeks – and by the time they disburse the amount, it might extend over a month.

Here are 8 reasons why Indian entrepreneurs prefer NeoGrowth digital lending over the traditional lending options:

  1. Quick Disbursal:  Our process of evaluation is straightforward and we have a track record of disbursing the loan within 2 to 3 days.  It’s because we know that only when entrepreneurs get the loan at the right time, you’ll be able to meet opportunities at the right time.

  2. Loan amount up to 3 times of the sales: Like the banks, we don’t ask for past 3 years business proof or a year’s bank statements and another bundle of documents to offer a minimum risk-free loan amount. An entrepreneur’s aspirations are much larger; that’s why we offer a loan amount that is three times of your POS/Online sales record.

  3. Flexible Repayment Modes: We keep enough breathing space between the EMIs. When you choose us as your financial partner, you have options to repay the loan amount on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Also, there are different modes of payment available like Gross or Split Settlement, and through ACH or Cheque. We make sure that a loan shouldn’t feel like a burden on your shoulders.

  4. No Collateral up to 15 lakhs: The need for collateral or high credit score won’t keep your business goals on hold. We don’t consider any security for a loan amount up to 15 lakhs. We’ll evaluate the past records of your POS transactions and begin with the disbursal process.

  5. Convenient tenure (18 to 36 months): This range of tenure holds a perfect balance between the rate of interest and the monthly EMIs. For instance, a short-term loan with a short tenure may give you larger EMIs, while for a short-term loan with long tenure may charge you higher interest rates. We have not only covered your business goals, but also your worries about repayments.

  6. Vendor Finance Scheme: This solution will allow you to run your business successfully without touching your personal finance. From service providers, suppliers, equipment manufacturers to a company that supplies parts or materials, can avail this benefit and establish a healthy relationship with the borrower.
  7. High Renewal Rate: We have up to 70% of renewal rate, this clearly states that the entrepreneurs whom we supported financially are happy to have us again as their financial partner.

  8. Employee strength: We have 500+ passionate employees to help you with your unique business needs; we’re also spread across 21 cities in India. So whenever and wherever you need financial support, we’re there for you.

Get the power and benefits of NeoGrowth by getting in touch with us, and get investment for your possibilities. We know that an entrepreneur is always busy and usually has too much on their plate. That’s why we make faster decisions, quicker disbursal, and provide you with tailored solutions based on your unique business needs. And as we said earlier, when you could get a business loan with a few swipes on your phone – Why go to the bank?

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