NeoGrowth Mantra Tips for a successful business


The three pillars to achieve success in any business venture are:

  1. Hard Work: Yes, you must have heard it many times! But nothing comes easily. If you ask any successful business man that what is their success mantra- they will all have one word in common – determination, perseverance and hard work. Hard work doesn’t mean success always but it means a strong determination and passion to follow a path in which you believe. It may bring you success , it may bring you failure but hard work is the journey which you need to cherish to go on!

  2. Right Approach: To reach your business goal, there may be many approaches. Its upto you to decide which will be the best for you. Sometimes, you need to change your approach, leave old ones and adopt new ones – but whatever you do – it should be done with proper thought and consideration. A right approach is determined based on your customer preference, technology, latest trends and other factors influencing your business.

  3. Funds at right time: All business at some point of time need funds to grow/expand/revamp themselves. Proper funds at the right time is essential for the success of any business. We @NeoGrowth help you achieve your business goals through our loans.

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Tips for Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

commercial kitchen equipment

In the process of setting up a commercial kitchen, buying kitchen equipment is the most important part that promises a lot of excitement. It makes for an enjoyable experience but it can also leave you flustered. This is because there is a huge variety out there to explore from. Also, one is confused between the prospects of buying second-hand and brand new. So, how does one solve the conundrum?

Well, it is not easy for sure. Choices add to the confusion and given the constraints put by the budget, it becomes quite challenging to select the best. And the truth is no one wants to settle for anything less than the best and should not either. Your kitchen deserves the best equipment within your budget and you should always strive to pick the most efficient equipment as they will play a major role in the success of your venture. So, here are some tips for you that will help you make an informed decision.

New Vs Second-hand

The debate about “New Vs Second-hand” is very relevant when it comes to buying kitchen equipment because there are lots of equipments to be purchased. You have to look for oven, refrigerator, prep tables, microwave, grills, dishwasher, freezer, coffeemaker and more. Now, buying so many appliances means spending a good deal of money. And in most of the cases, businesses that are starting out are hard-pressed for finance. So, it seems a wise thing to buy second-hand equipments.

But you should not go the whole hog and purchase every equipment from the second-hand category. The truth is most second-hand equipments have a short shelf life and the repairs costs make them a poor investment decision in the long run. So, you should buy only those used equipments that are in good shape. Also, it is advisable to buy only one or two used appliances. And when you buy, you should always take a test drive before saying “yes”.

Lease-to-own commercial kitchen equipment

As said above, second-hand equipment does not make for a very wise option but given the scarcity of finances, one tends to gravitate towards them. The option is not entirely unwise but there is one better option that lets you work with new equipments and you do not have to pay much either. Lease-to-own commercial kitchen equipment is a viable option as you can use new equipments by entering into a lease agreement.

The cost is not high and you have to pay a monthly rent which is a small fraction of the total cost. What is more, at times, the lease agreement involves repair costs as well and hence, you do not need to worry in case of any breakage or fault. And the best thing is that you can own the appliance at the end of the agreement period. This is a flexible, fair and fulfilling option and if your budget allows it, you should definitely go for it.

Discounted equipments

Another very fabulous option is to buy brand new equipments that come with special discounts. You can find the discount offers on dented and scratched appliances. Dents, bruises are common fallouts of shipping and they diminish the aesthetic value of the appliance. To fend off losses, sellers offer special discounts on these appliances which bring down the prices a good deal. And you can capitalize on these discounts. It saves you a fine amount of money and also ensures efficient equipment for your kitchen.

Important tips

Besides the above mentioned points, there are some other important tips as well which would do you well, if you keep them in mind. They are:

  1. Always put quality above other things – Quality is foremost whether you are buying new or second-hand or lease-to-own equipment. You must see to it that the appliance works well, covers guarantee and belongs to a reputed brand. In some case, it might turn out to be a little higher in the cost part, but it is worth the money.
  2. Look for utility – The market is abuzz with fancy equipments that come at equally fancy prices. But if you do not need them, do not purchase them. You must go for the feature-rich, efficient and fair-priced appliances that will prove to be wise investments in the long run.
  3. Do your homework/research – Whether it is comparing the prices or talking to industry experts or analyzing the working of the different appliances, you must do your homework well. It will not just help you buy the best piece but will also save you lots of money. You will also get hands-on knowledge about the equipments, which will help you in future.

So, if you are ready to shop and set up your kitchen, just keep these points in mind and go ahead. You will easily find the most fitting equipments within your budget that will definitely prove to be worthwhile investments.

Business loans for restaurants
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Essential Business Tips to Secure Funding for Small Businesses


Starting a business is a very special experience for any entrepreneur. Exciting and challenging in equal measure, it provides you with invaluable lessons on life and people. The journey is enthralling to say the least and keeps you engaged every second. But the first challenge that you encounter on your way to becoming an entrepreneur comes in the form of funding.

Securing funding is a difficult task for any business. The market is afloat with startups and banks are quite strict about lending, given the recessionary after-effects that are still visible. So, how do you set up your dream?

 Ongoing funding needs for small businesses


First thing first, you should evaluate the funding needs for your business. It will help you create a strong business plan and you can pitch your idea to the investors very convincingly. Initially, funds are mainly needed to serve as paid up capital, authorized capital and to spend on registration and legal formalities. The ongoing funding needs mainly revolves around office space, equipment and hiring employees. When you get off the ground, you need more funds to expand your wings. Also, you require enough funding to meet contingencies and keep your business going during the tough times.

 Typical lending requirements


Small businesses are lucky to have multiple lending options in the form of banks, venture capital (VC) firms, angel investors, credit unions, companies specializing in lending to small businesses, crowd funding, sponsorship, grants and incubators. Your own savings and loans from friends or family can also provide you with the seed funding.

The former are business-oriented organizations and people and hence, they follow certain procedures. You would be required to complete legal formalities and comply with certain terms and conditions before getting the money. Some typical lending requirements are:

  • Good credit score and clean credit history – This is most important in case of banks as they give credit scores and credit history major importance while processing your application. Same applies for credit unions and lending companies. All of them want a guarantor and rigorously scan your credit history for defaults.
  • Collateral – Your property or security is also taken into account by banks, credit unions and lending firms. Since it is a strong indicator of your ability to repay the loan, these lenders evaluate it meticulously.
  • Detailed business plan – Important to all, business plan holds more significance for angel investors and VCs. They have a rigorous screening method and they study the details minutely. So, your business plan has the ability to make or break your chances of securing the funding.
  • Personal resume – Again, more significant for VCs, angel investors and sponsors than banks or credit unions, your resume helps create the right impression and win the trust of the lenders. It is a reflection of your business ability and managerial skills to run your enterprise successfully.

Tips for securing funding

No matter which lender you go to, you should be confident and mindful of certain things. The following tips are highly helpful in making a strong case for getting the funds.

  • Research all the funding options – With so many lending options out there, you have a vantage point. Now, you should aim at finding that lender who will give you the requisite funding at conditions, interest rates and restrictions that are favorable for you and your business. Also, you should look at the lender as a prospective guide who can help you in your journey.
  • Keep it lean in the beginning – Always keep a strict eye on your expenses at the start. Tread cautiously and always think in terms of return on investment while making any purchase. Don’t go overboard with spending on fancy office or extravagant business trips. Always try affordable and economic options.
  • Ask for the right amount of money – Both over capitalization and under capitalization are dangerous. So, evaluate what stage your business is at and how much does it need within the stipulated timeline to reach the goals. Be realistic and think long term before finalizing the figure. Lenders are wary of small investments as they offer less returns while big ones put you at risk.
  • Work on creating a great business plan – Your plan is the deciding factor while securing funding. So, incorporate exact figures, up-to-date research, realistic projections and engaging sales pitch in your plan. Present it confidently and communicate your vision with conviction.

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Online Selling Tips – Simple Things That Can Help You Big Time in Making Profits Online


The Ecommerce sector in India has seen a rapid growth. The growth has been driven by many factors like increasing use of devices such as smartphones, tablets, notepad and ofcourse the most important is the adoption of technology led by ease of access to internet through 3G, 4G, broadband, etc.

The success of your online business depends on your customer expectations. Understanding your customer need and preferences can either make or break your business.It also affects the repurchase decision and customer loyalty. Online customer expects the easiest experience possible, and if you aren’t providing that for them, probabilities are that they will switch to competitor for future purchases. Following are some Online selling tips you should keep in mind to boost your e-commerce business and keep your customers happy.

1. Build a quality Website:


To create a valuable source of information “Website” it is very essential that the goals, content, structure, design, programming, and maintenance is defined clearly. What one needs is expertise—constantly. Make sure that website is simple to understand and reflects the objective of the business.A high quality website needs lots of effort and commitment.Simple navigation and easy shopping experience makes the customer happy, also assures the re-visit or repetitive purchase. Make sure that website is fast because every second it takes time to load your webpage – you lose one impatient customer, therefore a good server is also a part of high quality website. Tip – use for building websites which look awesome , are feature rich and load super fast.

2. Think Cross device:


Today the customer is tech savvy; they use different smart devices like mobile, tablet, i-pad, notepad etc. so you should always aim at providing consistent shopping experience across all the different devices.  So don’t restrict only to desktop or laptop, think about cross device platforms. Tip – use the Google mobile speed optimization tool to test if your website is actually a cross device website.

3. Select the right Ecommerce software:


It is very important that you choose the right ecommerce software for your business; it can differ from business to business. Now a days launching and running the online is much easier but choosing the right ecommerce platform is tricky. Therefore pick one of the most standard e-Commerce platforms available today, and begin experimenting with it – until you find something that clicks and you right away.

Tip – use shopify which has been built keeping non-technical e-commerce owners in mind.

4. Provide fine quality product images and detailed description of each product:


Before reading your unique and appealing product descriptions, your customer is going to look at the images for your product. So, spend some serious time taking quality photos of your products before you list that product for sale. Make sure that you provide product details to tell the customer everything they need (or want) to know about this item. This is chance to close the deal! Tip – use free stock image sites to download the marketing related images you want for your ecommerce website.

5. Customer service:


The common factor of all the prosperous businesses is that they are committed to providing their customers with a great service i.e. it’s about putting the needs of the customer in everything your business does – from the products, to the website, to the delivery. Tip – use to help you with your web based customer service.

6. Focus on the delivery experience:

Online customer expects the hassle free and fast delivery for their products. The delivery strategy include many things like price you charge for delivery, service or benefits you offer, how will parcel look etc., It is worth investing in all these areas.

7. Think like paytm :

Repeat business always plays a crucial part in success of any online business. Give your customers a reason to return to your store by updating things regularly like adding new products, providing occasional sale, promotional sale etc. As a marketing tactics you can also offer an incentive to your clients to leave reviews of products on your website with a giveaway e.g. Win a Rs 500 voucher for the best review. Tip : Get inspiration from Paytm


These are few Online selling tips which can help your online business to grow. Every business demand different and effective online marketing strategy. One needs constant optimisation for better results. You need to work hard to build the trust of your customers. Trust needs to be built into every interaction the customer has with your business which covers customer testimonials and reviews on your site, deliver on your etc. Furthermore if you deliver a service that exceeds customer expectations, you can bet they will come back to buy again, and tell all their friends about the experience.


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