Precautions to be taken in Online transactions through Net Banking / Debit Card / Credit Card / Wallet


  • Keep your login credentials confidential
  • Keep your debit /credit card and its statements in a secure place
  • Carry / Preserve your debit /credit card number along-with other details
  • Save the toll-free customer service number in your phone / diary for ready access to report lost /stolen cards
  • Memorize your CVV and PIN
  • Keep yourself updated on misuse of card
  • When purchasing items over the Internet, give your debit /credit card details only on reliable websites and to a company you trust. Reputable merchant sites use encryption technologies to protect your debit /credit card information
  • Subscribe for SMS / Email alerts for card transactions so that any misuse of the card, you get an immediate alert
  • Promptly check your debit /credit card statement and report immediately if there are any transactions that you do not recognise or are unauthorised by you
  • Watch out for imposters/fraudsters that claim to be from NeoGrowth / your Bank / other agencies and ask you to “verify” your debit /credit card details to make sure you are protected.
  • Be wary of high-pressure sales tactics such as “SCRATCH & WIN” where they ask for your debit /credit card details
  • When you receive a call from a Telemarketer asking personal sensitive questions, more likely they are calling for an illegal / illegitimate business. Should you feel suspicious of the phone call, kindly contact us or your Bank through an email
  • Change your Debit Card / Credit Card / Wallet PIN, immediately, if you feel there could have been a compromise
  • Preferably, change your PIN on Debit Card/ Credit card / Wallet frequently
  • Always logout from the Wallet once you have completed the transaction
  • If you lose your mobile phone with Wallet, block your wallet account by calling up the Customer Service of the wallet provider
  • Always set a screen lock for your mobile phone, to avoid misuse
  • Always read the FAQ, Do’s and Don’ts of the card / wallet provider before your start using the card / wallet
  • Report phishing emails / fraudulent calls to your Bank / Service Provider


  • Never share your Net Banking login (Customer ID, User ID and Password) to anyone
  • Never lend your debit /credit card to anyone
  • Never share the CVV and PIN of debit / credit card to anyone
  • Never share your wallet PIN
  • Never save your wallet PIN in your phone
  • Never let anyone see you input your PIN
  • In a service call, you will never be asked to verbally quote your card number / PIN. Never provide the card number verbally, you will only be prompted to punch in the card number / PIN through keypad
  • Don’t give your debit / credit card number to someone calling you on the telephone, even if the caller assures you that you will win a prize or an award
  • Never write or allow anyone to write your debit /credit card number on a cheque for identification purposes
  • Don’t make purchases from online retailers you’re unfamiliar with or who maintain a site that isn’t secure.
  • Never leave your debit /credit card unattended
  • Avoid using a public computer to shop online. If you do, please remember to log off and close the browser window when you are finished
  • Never send Credit / Debit Card information, such as PIN or retail purchase account numbers etc. in an e-mail as it may be intercepted
  • Never provide your Credit / Debit Card information on a website where a link is provided in a suspicious email

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