Scale up your business with an unsecured business loan

Whether your business is a startup or if you’re ready for expansion, you need funds to power your small business. But before you seek for a loan, you need to plan about exactly how you’ll use your loan amount and how you’ll pay it off. So, that you don’t fall into a situation where you can’t pay off unsecured business loan. Without a strategy on how to put the money to work, you’ll take up a loan that might become a burden on your shoulders.

Read on to know how an unsecured business loan can scale up your business: 


Many small business owners seek for funding when they want to power expansion plans. With unsecured business loans for startup you can move into a bigger office, or to an economically feasible location or investing in a new product line. A financial support from NeoGrowth can help  to meet your urgent need for expansion, despite of low credit score.

Smooth Cash Flow

Businesses might fall into a shortage of funds to keep a smooth flow in the day-to-day operations like employee benefits, transportation, travel, taxes, rent, repairs, and more. At these times, unsecured business loans for self employed come into play to fulfil your requirements and keep the business growing.

Marketing Cost

Advertising is often a huge expense, though it eventually pays off very well. It is definitely the best way to grow your business. So, hire an advertising agency and increase sales with innovative campaigns.

Equipment Financing

The requirement for machines and equipment can emerge at any time. The right type of equipment directly affects the quality and quantity of the products. Tackle such situations with an instant unsecured business loan from NeoGrowth.

Inventory Purchase

As a safety stock, it is crucial to have the minimum inventory in your warehouse. This will keep the smooth flow of supply. When there’s a demand for your products/services in the market, you should never fall short of finance. At this point, an unsecured loan from NeoGrowth could help you to buy the necessary inventories to meet the higher demand of your customers.

Timely Opportunities
Many businesses wait for the most favourable season when they make the maximum revenue in the year. You shouldn’t fall short of funds at this period of the year to buy inventories. For opportunities like these, get an unsecured loan from NeoGrowth and meet your milestones.

Are unsecured business loans safe? It is, if you’ve a blueprint of how you will be using your funds. So, before you apply for a business loan make sure you have a well-thought plan and have set milestones for success.

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Ideas that can boost sales for small businesses

A business owner knows how crucial it is to source new leads and make sales for the growth and success of the company. And many small business owners often wonder if there is any strategy which can help boost sales.

Read on to know how you can increase sales that you can start implementing immediately.

1.Ask for feedback:

Your business will flourish if you keep your customers happy by giving them what they want. How would you know what the customers likes or dislikes? It’s only by asking the customers. Ask them for feedback and it will get you valuable insights that will help to improve your products/services and increase your sales.

2.Stand out from the rest:

No matter what your products/services are, you will always have competitors in your market. The customers are all bombarded with advertisements, and in this chaos, you have to find a way to stand out and get noticed. Only this can register your products/services in their mind when they’re out for their next purchase. 

3.Role of Social Media:

Social media is a good way to engage with your existing customers and attract new ones. Your buyers are on social media and every moment they’re influenced by a brand to make a purchase decision. You should be active on these social platforms and leverage this trend by influencing your potential customers to choose your product/service.

4.Always seek for cross-selling opportunities:

Cross-selling is a sales strategy in which the sellers suggest another product that is related to the original purchase. The idea of cross-selling is to make the customers spend more by making them buy more things. For example, the staff at McDonalds always asks us “Would you like fries with that?” This generous and straightforward question is contributing a good amount to the sales revenue to the company.

5.Give away discounts and offers:

This is currently one of the best strategies to increase sales for small businesses. Whenever a customer purchases something from your store, offer them a discount or a coupon for their next visit. This will keep them engaged with your store and spread words about your products and services.

We would also like to share another sales tips for small business owners that would help to increase your sales revenue. It is to never give up, and keep following up with those customers, send them regular reminders until the day comes when they make the purchase.

Inspiring Stories of Indian Women Entrepreneurs

In this decade, India has moved on from a male-centric society to a place where businesses and entrepreneurship are not defined by genders. Women have risen above the confined domestic life, took challenges, faced struggles and made their way to the top list of women entrepreneurs. Some of them had only a little or no experience in the industry they chose, but they learned to overcome the knowledge barriers as they grew.

Here are some original stories of women entrepreneurs who are true role models:

1. Rashi Narang, the founder of Heads Up For Tails
Has anyone ever quit the job for the love of dogs? Rashi did it to start HUFT.
She started making accessories for her dog who did not like the products available in the market. And as a passionate dog lover, she decided to mass produce these accessories and approached 200 pet stores, to have all of them shut their doors on her. Today, Heads Up For Tails has nine stores in Delhi, one in Pune, four in Mumbai and nearly one lakh customers. She has proved that even a small idea could lead to huge success.

2. Sneha Raisoni, the founder of Tappu Ki Dukaan
Like many successful entrepreneurs began, Sneha quit her job from a leading firm as a chartered accountant and opened her first store in 2009, Tappu Ki Dukaan, Tappu being herself. She sold creative products like chairs that fold into ladders, Batman USB sticks and other fancy items. Her business has only been a success since its beginning, and the way she puts it is, “We don’t have anything you need, but you will want everything we have.”

3. Aditi Gupta, the founder of Menstrupedia
Aditi brought a huge change in society by educating girls in small towns and cities about menstruation. Her idea was to educate people about the menstrual cycle by adding humour to it through comics. Being born in a small town in Jharkhand, she was familiar with the way a woman is treated during her period, and this inspired her to publish several comics on this topic. Later she managed to raise Rs 5.15 lakh for investment and then continued by reinvesting the profits into the business. She believes that being an entrepreneur has been the most empowering experience in her life.

4. Surabhi Dewra, the founder of
Surabhi realised that India lacks a career counselling platform that could help students of all age group to find a right career path and connect with the institutes of their choice. This inspired her to start in 2008. It became successful within the first few months by gaining 50,000 visitors. This one of a kind educational portal eventually became India’s largest online career guidance platform. 

5. Sairee Chahal, the founder of
She was voted as the Most Powerful Women in Indian Business, 2012, and also featured on shows like What Women Want, Young Turks and Pioneering Spirit. helps those who are looking for part-time jobs or work-from-home options. Her company grew to one of the largest women communities in the world. As a working mother and businesswoman, she offers this tip to maintain work-life balance “The key is to prioritise continuously. I also believe in investing in the support system so that I can then focus on what’s important to me.”

6. Sabina Chopra, the Co-founder of
When Sabina started in 2006, online travel businesses were taking flight. It’s during this time, grew to become the leading online platform for travel bookings. She had spent many years working in another travel company before she quit the job and started a company of her own. She was declared as the winner in the Travel and Tourism group and had been honoured at the annual Women Leaders in India awards, 2010. When she was asked about her Mantra For Success, she said, “Finding happiness in my work and making it a fulfilling experience for me and the people around me.”

7. Garima Satija, the founder of PoshVine
As a young entrepreneur, Garima started an online platform to offer better shopping, dining and travel experiences. PoshVine helps customers to choose a fine dining restaurant, make an instant reservation for free and earn credits that can be redeemed. It was founded in 2011, based out of Bangalore, and currently serves over 400 restaurants in 5 cities.

8. Vanita Puri, the founder of Olive Retail 
Vanita was working in a leading company in South Africa and later decided to quit her job to start her own business in India. She was confident of becoming an entrepreneur and was ready to take up the challenges of a small business owner. This gave rise to Olive Retail, a departmental store that caters to all the demands of a customer. Olive Retail saw success within the first few months and became a trusted store around the corner. But when the footfalls grew further, she found a shortage of inventory. This is when NeoGrowth supported her with required finance to seize the opportunity and boost sales. Currently, Vanita happily says that being an entrepreneur was the best decision of her life.

By presenting these stories, our motive is to inspire you to take the first step of your entrepreneurial career and show your potential to the world. And don’t stress if you’ve been turned down by the bank for a business loan. We are flexible than a bank at providing finance.
From making a social impact on becoming a business leader needs a little support, and we are here to provide you with that bit.

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses seek for a Loan

Many small business owners are against debts because they don’t think they have enough CIBIL score, or unsure if they can afford repayments. But one cannot deny the fact that investment is important to grow any business. Businesses would need finance for various reasons like upgrading equipment, buying inventories and working capital, these’re the most common reasons.

Read on for a look at five unheard reasons for which an entrepreneur might take a business loan.

To Pay Taxes:

Business owners must set aside enough amount throughout the year before the Tax officials knock on the door. But business doesn’t always work according to the plan, which is why entrepreneurs often take a loan to pay off taxes. After all, paying it off on time using a loan is better than getting in trouble with the Tax officials.

To Buy Insurance:

Insurance is one of the major business expenses and some business owners take a loan to invest in multiple insurances. There’s a benefit in getting your business insured; It is one of the eligibility criteria when you apply for a long-term loan which includes huge loan amount.

For Advertising:

Business owners could need a loan if they’re hiring an advertising agency to market their products. Marketing is often a huge expense and costs a lot of investment, though it eventually pays off in the long run.

To Refinance Another Loan:

Taking loans to pay off another loan may seem strange. But business owners do it when they get another loan for better rates and benefits. In fact, it is a popular and sometimes necessary reason to take a business loan.

To Cover Unpaid Invoices:

Another reason why entrepreneurs need funds is when there are outstanding invoices. When there are daily expenses and inventory costs which you need to pay off, you certainly cannot put it on hold until your clients settle the due amount. This situation can demand a loan to settle the obligations.

Here’re the most common types of business loans. You can find one that suits your requirements:

Crowdfunding – Raising a small amount from a large number of people.

Small Business Grant – Free funds granted to micro and small businesses by the government.

Working Capital Loan – Funds to cover daily operating expenses in a business.

Business Line of Credit – A credit facility in which you borrow a certain limit and pay interest only for the amount you use.

Short-Term Loan – An instant loan for your temporary working capital needs. This loan needs to be paid within a year.

Business Credit Card – Credit facility based on the transaction record of the Credit card.

Equipment Financing – Some banks provide loans to help you upgrade your equipment.

Business Expansion Loan – A large fund for business growth which is usually repaid over 5 or more years. Interest rate for long-term loan is quite low compared to other loans.

Credit Score is no doubt one of the most critical parameters for getting a loan. Also, the banks ask for a minimum of three years of business proof or other factors such as educational background, age, residence stability etc. So, save yourself from all these hassles of getting a loan by choosing an innovative way to get instant funds. POS or Credit Card based loans are the best option for any business when it falls short of working capital or when there’s a financial emergency. NeoGrowth provides simple lending solutions that address your urgencies with more efficiency.

Social Media can make Small Businesses Successful

As a small business owner, you may constantly be looking for new ways to market your products/ services to reach potential customers. Using social media for business is a great way to engage with existing customers and attract new ones. Small business owners can have a lot on their plate, and may find social media time- consuming. Having said that, you cannot lose the opportunity to reach and engage with your potential customers.

Here are the reasons why small businesses need to get onto the social media.

1. Your buyers are on social media:

Social media plays a big in the buying process. Small businesses have an opportunity to grab the attention of their target customers by engaging them with relevant content. Your customers visit social platforms every day, and the content they see pushes them in their purchase decision. You can leverage this trend by being active on these platforms and connecting with them regularly.

2. Customers can connect with your business:

Another reason to use social media is to let people know about your business. This provides visibility, and is one of the pillars on which every business, large or small, can connect to larger audience. Let’s say you’re selling toys or gift items online and a customer stumbles upon your products several times on Facebook. This will register your product in their mind. So, the next time they are up for a purchase they can look up for your brand easily. The higher your brand’s recall, the greater the chances of a sale. Also, make sure to set the style and tone for your business and maintain it throughout your posts. People like consistency!

3. Improve the relationship with your customers:

Boring people make boring conversation. And nobody wants that! You need to find different ways of conversing with your customers by giving them exciting content. Stick to your research! Find their problems and offer solutions. Because this is one of the best ways of creating and maintaining relationships with your customers. Some of these solutions could include exclusive offers, contests and basic customer service when needed. Get innovative and keep experimenting to come up with interesting ideas.

4. Get references for your business:

The kind of business you run and the platform you engage your customers on, are two aspects that always go hand in hand. For example, Facebook may be the best choice for B2C. But if you’re into the B2B business, then LinkedIn could be a gold mine. Once you understand your customer base, you can start by including a call to action link in your posts, develop a landing page for campaigns, run ads or contests, etc.

5. You can explore a new market for your products:

The business is up and running, you have a loyal customer base. Well done! But depending solely on your existing customers can be a huge risk. Through social media, you can reach new prospects through existing customers. How? Every customer you’re connected to  on social media has their own connections. You can reach these new connections by running ads, contests (where your followers must to tag others) and such other engaging activities. You can also join communities or groups on channels that are relevant to your industry. This will increase the number of people talking about your products and boost your sales over time.

6. You can start marketing with a tiny budget:

What does it take to start promoting your products on social media? You can start right away by creating social profiles and posting photos of your products with relevant, interesting descriptions. As you grow bigger, so should your budget. This way, you’ll be sure that you are ready to meet higher goals and reach more customers. 
But compared to all other modes of marketing, social media will save you a lot of expenses and give good results. Lately, a myth has been floating around, that says, social media is risky for small businesses. The myth wants you to believe you might get negative reviews about your business. However, you should think of these reviews as opportunities to improve your products. After all, one wouldn’t be an entrepreneur if they had to avoid risky situations! And as this world continues to progress, social media will progress too. After all, humans love socialising. Wouldn’t it be better if your business socialised with them?

Precautions to be taken in Online transactions through Net Banking / Debit Card / Credit Card / Wallet


  • Keep your login credentials confidential
  • Keep your debit /credit card and its statements in a secure place
  • Carry / Preserve your debit /credit card number along-with other details
  • Save the toll-free customer service number in your phone / diary for ready access to report lost /stolen cards
  • Memorize your CVV and PIN
  • Keep yourself updated on misuse of card
  • When purchasing items over the Internet, give your debit /credit card details only on reliable websites and to a company you trust. Reputable merchant sites use encryption technologies to protect your debit /credit card information
  • Subscribe for SMS / Email alerts for card transactions so that any misuse of the card, you get an immediate alert
  • Promptly check your debit /credit card statement and report immediately if there are any transactions that you do not recognise or are unauthorised by you
  • Watch out for imposters/fraudsters that claim to be from NeoGrowth / your Bank / other agencies and ask you to “verify” your debit /credit card details to make sure you are protected.
  • Be wary of high-pressure sales tactics such as “SCRATCH & WIN” where they ask for your debit /credit card details
  • When you receive a call from a Telemarketer asking personal sensitive questions, more likely they are calling for an illegal / illegitimate business. Should you feel suspicious of the phone call, kindly contact us or your Bank through an email
  • Change your Debit Card / Credit Card / Wallet PIN, immediately, if you feel there could have been a compromise
  • Preferably, change your PIN on Debit Card/ Credit card / Wallet frequently
  • Always logout from the Wallet once you have completed the transaction
  • If you lose your mobile phone with Wallet, block your wallet account by calling up the Customer Service of the wallet provider
  • Always set a screen lock for your mobile phone, to avoid misuse
  • Always read the FAQ, Do’s and Don’ts of the card / wallet provider before your start using the card / wallet
  • Report phishing emails / fraudulent calls to your Bank / Service Provider


  • Never share your Net Banking login (Customer ID, User ID and Password) to anyone
  • Never lend your debit /credit card to anyone
  • Never share the CVV and PIN of debit / credit card to anyone
  • Never share your wallet PIN
  • Never save your wallet PIN in your phone
  • Never let anyone see you input your PIN
  • In a service call, you will never be asked to verbally quote your card number / PIN. Never provide the card number verbally, you will only be prompted to punch in the card number / PIN through keypad
  • Don’t give your debit / credit card number to someone calling you on the telephone, even if the caller assures you that you will win a prize or an award
  • Never write or allow anyone to write your debit /credit card number on a cheque for identification purposes
  • Don’t make purchases from online retailers you’re unfamiliar with or who maintain a site that isn’t secure.
  • Never leave your debit /credit card unattended
  • Avoid using a public computer to shop online. If you do, please remember to log off and close the browser window when you are finished
  • Never send Credit / Debit Card information, such as PIN or retail purchase account numbers etc. in an e-mail as it may be intercepted
  • Never provide your Credit / Debit Card information on a website where a link is provided in a suspicious email

5 Ways in which Tracking Inventory has Evolved Over Time


Most businesses require a reliable mode of tracking their inventory. It is not one of the most exciting parts of running a business, but still an extremely necessary one. As a business owner, you must always be aware of the number of good purchased, sold, and stocked. Keeping a manual count of your products is difficult, time-consuming, and not to mention, unreliable. However, thanks to technological advancements, there are a numbers of automated systems in place that can help you constantly keep track of your inventory.

Here are 5 ways in which you can make keeping inventory hassle-free and accurate:

  1. Tracking in Real-time: Gone are the days when you had to take a manual count of your goods at regular intervals. The invention of scanners has automated and simplified the process of tacking inventory infinitely easier. You can now receive live, real-time updates every time your product is moved.  You are aware about whether your product has been sold, or has made it to the retail outlet for the very first time.


  1. POS Systems to the Rescue: The need for a POS (Point of Sale) system is on the rise, now more than ever. A number of businesses are opting out of the manual billing system and adopting the POS system. More and more businesses are relying on concepts like barcodes, cash registers, touchscreen payment portals, and electronic payment options. This helps them keep an immediate track of sales made, and take a stock of the existing inventory.


  1. Reducing your Paperwork: One of the most obvious advantages of having an automated inventory tracking system in place is that it almost nullifies your paperwork. You do not need to maintain a hard record of your inventory, saving time and manpower. It also saves cost involved in hiring a team to manually manage your inventory.


  1. Diversifying your Solutions: As a business owner you now have a variety of software apps and tools to choose from when it comes to opting for inventory related solutions. The software apps are now more industry specific rather than being generic, making it easier for your inventory manager to manage your stocks. A number of software apps also offer customization options, making the whole process of managing inventory much more efficient.


  1. Information is the Game Changer: All inventory tracking software apps help you gain a unique and diverse degree of information about even the minutest detail regarding your stocks. You get a unique insight into every aspect of your inventory, right from manufacturing, purchases, stocktaking, to sales.

As a business, creating and managing your inventory can put a strain on your working capital, and that in turn can make you hesitant when it comes to expanding your business. In such a situation, opting for a short-term business loan can be a great idea. A number of companies like NeoGrowth give out easy, short-term business loans of upto ₹ 1.5 crores in India. Find out more at


NeoGrowth offers its clients quick, easy loans with no fixed EMIs, no collateral, limited documentation, and a loan disbursement period of just 3 days.

NeoGrowth Credit Pvt Ltd can help you get business loans. For more information refer here :

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How do you Make Accounting Easier for your Business?


When it comes to business, accounting can turn out to be a boon or a bane, depending on how you decide to go about it. While running a business is a thrilling experience, accounting could turn out to be the glitch in the machine that gives you sleepless nights if not done right. No one blames you, accounting can be pretty complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Today there are a number of ways in which to simplify your accounting, ranging from accounting software applications to outsourcing your accounts. You can try out a few options to chalk out what works best at making accounting easier for your business.

Here are 5 ways in which you can end your accounting woes for good:

  1. Automation is the name of the game:

Even when it comes to accounting, technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. There are a number of easy to operate accounting software apps that can help you manage your outgoing and incoming payments. Most of these apps automate tasks that originally take up too much time, say for example, bookkeeping.


  1. Easy accessibility:

It’s much smarter to opt for cloud-based software rather than one that is permanently installed onto your system, as with cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere. Such apps are easy to manage and operate as most of the heavy-lifting is done by vendor of the accounting app.


  1. Hassle-free Tax Filing:

Cloud-based apps have inbuilt features that make automate tax calculations. You have the exact amount of taxes your customers owe you, and the amount of taxes you have to pay the government. Most software apps are automatically updated as and when the government passes new tax legislations, so you do not have to worry about the accuracy of the process.


  1. Appoint an Expert:

As reliable as accounting software can be, it’s always wise to call in an expert to take a look at your books at least once annually. Having a second opinion always helps in eliminating the possibility of errors and oversights.


  1. Maintain Records:

Make sure that you have a systematic record of every sale and purchase you make as a business. It is not uncommon for businesses to let customers purchase goods on credit. The important thing is to ensure that you have a clear and accurate account of what is owed to you by your customers. This practice will avoid issues like late or default payments.

It is always best to invest in a trusted accounting system, be it old school or technology-based. Any kind of investment in your business required funding, which can be a hassle in itself. However, with the emergence of finance credit companies like NeoGrowth, the process of gaining business loans in India has become much easier. NeoGrowth offers easy, short-term business loans of upto ₹ 1.5 crores with minimum documentation and doorstep service. Find out more at


NeoGrowth offers its clients quick, easy loans with no fixed EMIs, no collateral, limited documentation, and a loan disbursement period of just 3 days.

NeoGrowth Credit Pvt Ltd can help you get business loans. For more information refer here :

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What are the latest design trends for your restaurant or café?


The food industry could most likely be one of the oldest industries in the world. No matter what, food is never going to go out of fashion. However, it takes a lot to stay on top of the restaurant business. Your food may compel your customers to momentarily forget their name, but to get the customer to your table is a task in itself. When a person chooses to eat at a particular restaurant, they are not only choosing a cuisine, but a complete experience, starting with your head waiter who shows your customers to their tables, the ambiance, the setting, how friendly the staff is, and of course, the quality of the food. So how do you make sure that your restaurant is the place customers want to visit repeatedly and recommend to their friends and family?

Here are 5 trends that you must follow to upgrade your business:

  1. Theme-based Ambiance:

Incorporating a theme into the ambiance of your restaurant is one of the most attractive changes you could make to your existing outlet. Some of the most popular themes are Bollywood, rural traditional, and 80’s sports bar. It enhances your customers’ experience as a theme-based ambiance is an escape into an alternative reality.


  1. Technology-friendly Operations:

More and more restaurants are become a lot more tech-savvy now that technology plays such an important role in our everyday lives. Everything from booking your food online through an app to stock management has become automated. A number of restaurants have also done away with physical menu cards and instead customers place their order on a tab, which is directly communicated to the kitchens.


  1. Food Festivals:

You cannot deny that the thought of a food festival is something that just instantly puts you in a good mental space, so imagine the wonders it can do for your restaurant business, if done right. You can include trends like an exotic brunch menu, complimentary cocktails, unlimited food and many more. Some restaurants even charge an entry fee for food festivals which can in turn become a great source of revenue any day.


  1. Coffee is the New Tea:

Yes, that is right. You cannot ignore the fact that coffee has become the new cool drink to have in town. It wouldn’t hurt to install a professional coffee maker that churns out delicious beans into an excellent drink while tipping the financial scales in your favor. Besides the classics people have now developed a taste for more customized options when it comes to this bitter beverage.


  1. A Varied Cuisine:

Gone are the days when a certain cuisine could become the “specialty” of your restaurant. Today it is imperative to your restaurant business that you are more versatile and can offer a wide range of cuisines under your roof. Customers look for choice, and more is always merrier.


While it is nice to speculate how you can take your restaurant forward, funds are always at the eye of the needle. A quick, flexible business loan could be what you need to grow your business to the next level. NeoGrowth offers easy business loans of upto ₹ 1.5 crores with minimal documentation and easy disbursement options.


NeoGrowth offers its clients quick, easy loans with no fixed EMIs, no collateral, limited documentation, and a loan disbursement period of just 3 days.

NeoGrowth Credit Pvt Ltd can help you get business loans. For more information refer here :

You can also download NeoGrowth-business-loans PDF file for your reference.

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How do you keep your Home Décor Business Ahead of the Competition? Find out.


No matter what, a person’s home is a sure fire representation of his or her personality, their preferences, and what makes them tick. People generally put in a lot of effort and time into designing the interiors of their home, carefully choosing out furniture, drapes, paints, kitchenware, and bathroom models. As a home décor business owner you have to be on the top of your game while anticipating the current and future trends, and the mind sets of different customers.

Here are 4 ways in which you can keep your home décor business ahead of the curve:

  1. Keep track of International Trends:

It so happens that a lot of customers in India look towards the trends prevalent in the West when contemplating interior designs for their own homes. It makes absolute sense to keep an eye out for latest trends, like say for example, vintage furniture in pastel colours is very “in” currently. Similarly, minimalistic, rustic designs that stand out but do not overpower your senses are quite popular.


  1. Don’t do away with the Classics:

Some trends simply do not change, no matter how much time passes. For example, Italian marble flooring and hardwood flooring have been around for a while and looks like they are here to stay. It is important that you have a vast variety available at your stores so that your customers do not feel compelled to visit your competitors.


  1. Kitchen of Steel:

Love them, or hate them, stainless steel kitchen models are here to stay. Stainless steel adds a certain level of sophistication to the interior of a home, making it the go-to option for a lot of trend-savvy customers. Greys and blacks are the most preferred options, especially when added to European kitchen styles. These kitchens are gaining popularity in the Indian markets.


  1. Metallic Tones:

Metals like brass, iron, and steel are becoming fast favourites amongst Indian home owners. These metals could be incorporated in the form of show pieces, furniture, or even bathroom ware. You could inspire customer loyalty in your customers when they realise that you are a step ahead of the curve in fulfilling their ever changing requirements.


Customers today expect you to anticipate their needs before they themselves are aware of them. Having a varied inventory with multiple options is always preferable. Stocking up on inventory could eat out a chunk of your working capital, making you weary of new inventory purchases. In such situations, a hassle-free business loan could go a long way in solving your business woes. Companies like NeoGrowth offer fast, easy business loans in India of upto ₹ 1.5 crores. The process of applying for the loan is stress free as they offer doorstep services and require minimum documentation to qualify for the loan. You no longer have to skimp on expanding your business. Find out a little more about the process at


NeoGrowth offers its clients quick, easy loans with no fixed EMIs, no collateral, limited documentation, and a loan disbursement period of just 3 days.

NeoGrowth Credit Pvt Ltd can help you get business loans. For more information refer here :

You can also download NeoGrowth-business-loans PDF file for your reference.

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