What are the latest design trends for your restaurant or café?


The food industry could most likely be one of the oldest industries in the world. No matter what, food is never going to go out of fashion. However, it takes a lot to stay on top of the restaurant business. Your food may compel your customers to momentarily forget their name, but to get the customer to your table is a task in itself. When a person chooses to eat at a particular restaurant, they are not only choosing a cuisine, but a complete experience, starting with your head waiter who shows your customers to their tables, the ambiance, the setting, how friendly the staff is, and of course, the quality of the food. So how do you make sure that your restaurant is the place customers want to visit repeatedly and recommend to their friends and family?

Here are 5 trends that you must follow to upgrade your business:

  1. Theme-based Ambiance:

Incorporating a theme into the ambiance of your restaurant is one of the most attractive changes you could make to your existing outlet. Some of the most popular themes are Bollywood, rural traditional, and 80’s sports bar. It enhances your customers’ experience as a theme-based ambiance is an escape into an alternative reality.


  1. Technology-friendly Operations:

More and more restaurants are become a lot more tech-savvy now that technology plays such an important role in our everyday lives. Everything from booking your food online through an app to stock management has become automated. A number of restaurants have also done away with physical menu cards and instead customers place their order on a tab, which is directly communicated to the kitchens.


  1. Food Festivals:

You cannot deny that the thought of a food festival is something that just instantly puts you in a good mental space, so imagine the wonders it can do for your restaurant business, if done right. You can include trends like an exotic brunch menu, complimentary cocktails, unlimited food and many more. Some restaurants even charge an entry fee for food festivals which can in turn become a great source of revenue any day.


  1. Coffee is the New Tea:

Yes, that is right. You cannot ignore the fact that coffee has become the new cool drink to have in town. It wouldn’t hurt to install a professional coffee maker that churns out delicious beans into an excellent drink while tipping the financial scales in your favor. Besides the classics people have now developed a taste for more customized options when it comes to this bitter beverage.


  1. A Varied Cuisine:

Gone are the days when a certain cuisine could become the “specialty” of your restaurant. Today it is imperative to your restaurant business that you are more versatile and can offer a wide range of cuisines under your roof. Customers look for choice, and more is always merrier.


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