How Stress impacts your business?



There always will be ups and downs in a business- some days will be very good, somedays will be bad. But a wrong decision, a bad move can always turn your good day to bad and bad day to worse! Though sometimes we don’t have the control on the situations but many times its the “impulsive” decisions which happen without thinking deeply into the problems around you. Even the most sound businessman have fell prey to it. But why it happens?

One of the main reasons is the mental stress.

The stress can be categorised in the following ways:

  1. Family Stress: As per studies, the various issues arising within a family are a big reason for creating stress in life.
  2. Society Stress: Many times its not problems within a family, but the society around you which has many ways to make you stressful!
  3. Pressure to beat others: This may sound weird, but it has been found that sometimes “successful people” tend to create stress for themselves by trying to become bigger than others/competitors.
  4. Financial Stress: Money related issues tend to create a lot of tensions.
  5. Unexpected events: Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there are many times some unexpected events which tends to increase the stress in life.

How stress impacts your business:

  1. Wrong decisions: Stress blanks our thinking ability which makes a person take wrong decision in his business causing a loss to him. Many times- big businesses having a huge capital and profit took wrong decisions and suffered a great loss.
  2. Low motivation: Motivation is always required throughout your business life. It doesn’t matter if things are going good or bad, a self motivation always guides you to the right path. During stressful situations, we tend to become less motivated which makes us feel bad of everything around us and hence we start dedicating less time to our business. This in turn impacts the overall performance.
  3. Missing the good opportunities: Because of the above 2 reasons, we may miss / ignore to analyse some good opportunities which might be there for your business. And your competitors can channelize on it before you!

What we can do?

There are many ways through which we can reduce stress in our life. Some of the main points which you should consider are:

  1. Meditation and concentration exercises
  2. Have a good healthy food
  3. Consult a professional physician
  4. Positive outlook towards life


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